As a group, we decided to form this network in order to:

  • Better support local organizing for clean water and health protection by better sharing local campaign stories, information/data/facts, and connect to experts.
  • Build a bigger movement of national change on these issues by working on state and national campaigns together for solutions and to build a collaborative and powerful force to take on big polluters.


The National PFAS Contamination Coalition formed in June 2017 in order to support local organizing for clean, PFAS-free water and health protections through the sharing of: stories, information, experiences, references, data, and connections with experts in their fields. Together we build state and national campaigns to achieve those same shared safe water, environmental, and health support goals.


The National PFAS Contamination Coalition envisions a PFAS-free world where people are not exposed to any PFAS, where the environment and public health are protected, where there is justice for the victims of PFAS exposure, and where laws and regulations prevent contamination disasters like this from happening again. 

Priority Campaign Goal and Strategy

The National PFAS Contamination Coalition is calling on the EPA to enact a national enforceable drinking water standard that is health protective for infants, children and vulnerable populations, a Maximum Contaminant Level of 1ppt for total PFAS at the federal level. Our strategy to get there is to pass state-level drinking water standards that are enforceable and more health protective than the federal 70ppt for PFOA and PFOS.