Webinar 1: How to Involve the Business Community In Your Campaign

 Webinar 2: State-Level Policies fighting PFAS

Webinar 3: Tackling Toxics: The Chemical Class Approach Towards Healthier Products and Materials

Webinar 4: Class Action Lawsuits

Webinar 5: The Merrimack NH Health Survey and Results

Webinar 6: Dr. Breysse of ATSDR

Webinar 7: Telling a Compelling Campaign Story

Webinar 8: Technology Tools for the Movement

Webinar 9: International Efforts to Ban PFAS

Webinar 10: Lois Gibbs and Superfund

Webinar 11: International Organizing against PFAS

Webinar 12: Introduction to Environmental Justice Policy

Webinar 13: Engaging your Elected Officials

Webinar 14: De-mystifying the Alphabet Soup: PFAS and CERCLA, RCRA, TRI, TSCA, and more

Webinar 15: Messaging PFAS and Honing Your Quotable Quote

Webinar 17: Dr Breysse of ATSDR April 2019

Webinar 18: PFAS in First Responder Gear April 2019 (public)

Webinar 19: PFAS and the Toxics Release Inventory after Enactment of NDAA 2020

Webinar 20: 2020 PFAS State Legislation