National PFAS Contamination Coalition Statement on Incineration of PFAS

The National PFAS Contamination Coalition strongly opposes the incineration of PFAS-contaminated wastes and collected PFAS products as incineration and other similar thermal treatment technologies and facilities have not been specifically permitted to treat PFAS nor have they been demonstrated to destroy PFAS, ie reducing it to carbon, fluoride salts and/or other constituents. We also object to placing collected PFAS product in landfills which can readily leak PFAS to the surrounding environment.  Instead, collected PFAS product should remain stored within each state until safe alternatives to incineration are in place and fully operational. 

One reply on “National PFAS Contamination Coalition Statement on Incineration of PFAS”

Agree that the incineration technology outside of the Federal Government agencies who have Toxic waste Incinerators is lacking. The coalition should push the EPA/Military and other Agencies who are aware of AFFF and other PFAS based Chemicals be collected and sent to theses Federal Incinerators [incineration for PFAS compounds is over 3,000 degrees Celsius for the fully breaking of the Fluorinated bonds and added links.
There must be a request through all State Reps and Senators if these Agencies do not want to cooperate . Also stop all these studies and request these Agencies to encourage remediation and Filtration Technology be further developed…. EPA ORD has finally admitted, now, that GAC does not work on GenX and can be unreliable on other PFAS compounds.


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